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A lawful audit would likewise be directed in case any of the moral justice or ethics are violated

Responsibilities of the author

Author should be fully responsible for their article. The discussion must be presented with a genuine original outcome. Such information like figures and tables should be legible and reproducible.
For the submission of the article, the reported scope of work should be original and cited
Authors with a significant contribution to the research are by the standards of the authorship criteria included in the completion of the work.
After mentioning the financial support of the research the author consider the publication for the journal only.

Responsibility of the reviewers

Confidentiality:Reviewers should not share any information from an assigned manuscript with outsiders without the prior permission from the Editor or reserve the data from an assigned manuscript
Competence: Reviewer with fair expertise should complete the review. Assigned Reviewer with expertise should feel responsible and may decline the review as it is presumed that reviewer will be an expert in the relevant field.
Constructive assessement : in order to understand and to make clear the basis of the comments, reviewer should base their comments on justification features for errors for the benefit of the author with the suitable language
Impartiality and integrity: Reviewer’s decision should solely depend on scientific merit, relevance to the subject, scope of the journal rather than financial, racial, ethnic origin etc., of the authors.
Disclosure of conflict of interest: To the extent feasible, the reviewer should minimize the conflict of interest. In such situation, reviewer should notify the editor describing the conflict of interest.
Timeliness and responsiveness: Reviewers should morally bring to review the comments within the scheduled time and be active enough in response to the questions raised by the editor if any.

Responsibilities of Editor and Editorial Board:

Publishing errata and corrections are held to editors to maintain the integrity of the published literature.

Review process; editors have a big role in the development of the journal because they are responsible for the basis features of the peer-review editorial process such as decision making, impartiality, confidentiality.
The process of the peer-review has been chosen rigorously by the journal to bring the best scientific information following strict policies like making constructive recommendations for improving the overall process also with elaborating the value of the scientific information in an European journal

Guidelines for retracting articles

All of the scholarly record of the content is maintain by the journal with the best practice
After making the decision of the publishing copyright are reserve, articles shall remain exact, extant. Exceptional circumstances may arise such as articles with drawal for article in press, article retraction A retraction may be considered to correct errors in submission or publication, article removal and replacement which is related to the copyright holder

Encouraging academic integrity:author are questioned before the submission and their knowledge about animal experiments, clinical trials and laboratory

Ensuring the integrity of the academic record : Requiring all clinical trials to be register
Ensure that published material is securely archived.

Preclude business needs from compromise intellectual and ethical standards

Errors, inaccurate or misleading statements must be corrected promptly and with due prominence. Editors should follow the COPE guidelines on retractions.

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