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Authore(s) : Rashi. U BBA StudentInstitute of Financeand International Management; Thanushree. S BBA StudentInstitute of Financeand International Management; Dr. Jaya Patil Program Head & Associate & Associate Professor Institute of Finance and International Management

Volume : v(4), Issue : 08, November - 2022

Abstract : Sustainability can be referred to as meeting the present needs without compromising the future generations, and practicing sustainability are coined as sustainable development. Sustainable development is linked with every matter today and most importantly with the business world. This study focuses on the changing relationship between global business and sustainable development. Over the last few decades, there is a gradual rise in awareness about sustainable development bringing in new programs for the growth and development of nations all around the globe. Besides, the government initiatives, the private sectors are taking their role seriously concerning sustainability which is one of the specific objectives of this study. In achieving the same nearly 116 people were administered a questionnaire to understand their knowledge about sustainable development or the study to know the effective work of sustainable development to date and their opinion on the same. Both Qualitative and quantitative survey was done eliciting response to sustainable development practices in different sectors. From the responses, we can conclude that there are still a few drawbacks in the implication of plans for sustainable development, for which attention and actions are needed. And we can also see individuals are doing their best to contribute to sustainable practices which can become a beacon of light to the Government as well as to the international organizations that are practically involved in sustainable development.

Keywords :

sustainable  development;  organizational  practices;  sustainability  dimensions; insight

Article: Download PDF Journal DOI : http://ijsurp.com/2022/11/sustainable-deve…lobal-business-2/

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Vol.I v(4), Issue.I 08

Article No : 471

Number of Downloads : 106

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